The UVM FabLab operates with Footprints, a ticket based system used to streamline communication across different Fabber shifts. A ticket is created for each submitted project and receives a unique identifying number. The ticket contains all of the provided fabrication details and is linked to the email address of the individual who submitted the ticket for communication and progress updates.  This ticketing system provides an unbiased way to track tickets and fabricate projects in an efficient and fair way.

Below is the queue of current projects in progress. This queue is updated once each business day at the beginning of the opening shift. Projects will move through the queue at different speeds, depending on the length of the production process and the popularity of the machine. Keep in mind that occasional machine errors will cause the restarting of a print, which can extend the fabrication time by up to two days.

If you have questions regarding the progress of your project do not hesitate to stop by and speak with us during our Open Hours, or email us at fablab@uvm.edu.

Queue November 27, 5:00pm