UVM FabLab Exam Week and Winter Recess Hours 2021:

Good luck on your exams, Catamounts!

2021 Final Exam Week Schedule:

Monday, December 13
10am – 4:30pm

Tuesday December 14
10am – 4:00pm

Wednesday, December 15
10am – 2pm

Thursday, December 16
10am – 2pm

Friday, December 17
10am – 4:30pm

Winter Break Schedule
Happy Holidays!
See you in 2022!

December 18 – January 2:

January 3 – January 18:
TO BE DETERMINED. Check back for updates.

Email us at fablab@uvm.edu if you have questions. 

Welcome Back Catamounts!

Hope everyone had an amazing summer!

This semester we are excited to announce that we will be open in Votey 242 and Votey 227. We will also be resuming drop in soldering for those who want to come in during our open hours.

You may submit projects by emailing us and making sure to include your information as described on our webpage.

For the week of August 30th our open hours will be:

Monday: 12-4pm

Tuesday: 10-2pm

Thursday: 10-4pm

Friday: 12-4pm

We will be announcing our regular open hours soon!

Final Exam Week Schedule

Wednesday May 12: 10:00AM – Noon
Thursday May 13: 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Friday May 14: 10:00AM – Noon
Monday May 17: 10:00AM – Noon

We hope your exam week goes well! Good luck on final exams and projects.

FABulous Facts: The History of Fab Labs

Ever wonder the origins of Fab LabsWell if you don’t know, now you know! 

By Dia Brown 

You may have had fleeting thoughts while working on your ME 001 car or your senior design prototypes such as hmm, I wonder why it’s called a Fab Lab or I wonder where the logo came from. Though there are many fabulous people here at the lab—that’s not why we are called the Fab Lab! 

The name stands for “fabrication laboratory,” and the idea was first created by Professor Neil Gershenfeld at MIT in 2001.The goal was to make an accessible and affordable make space. This idea was eventually replicated across the world from India to Berlin to Burlington, Vermont! One of the MakerBot’s’ in the lab is named after Prof. Gershenfeld!  

Image above: Prof. Gershenfeld lookin’ fly in a 2006 interview 

Image below: labeled image of tools offered at a Fab Lab in Berlin… look familiar? 

The logo also has its own story. Though the exact history is unknown, the inspiration for the logo has its own unique design process. 

There you have it- and if you didn’t know, now you know! 


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Karagianis, L. (n.d.). Fab Lab. MIT Spectrum. Retrieved May 6, 2021, from https://spectrum.mit.edu/spring-2006/fab-lab/ 

The Fab Foundation. (n.d.). Retrieved May 6, 2021, from https://fabfoundation.org/ 

How to Submit ME 001 Tickets

For ME 001 Students: 

Designate one team member to submit parts to the FabLab. 

Once your 2D or 3D designs are completed please send an email to the FabLab using the following protocol on our website: https://uvmfablab.net/contact/ 

File names should follow this format: teamname_partname_rev(insert number here)_qty(insert number here)

If you wish to both 3D print and 2D print please send two individual emails with all 3D printed parts on one email and the 2D parts on another. 

2D parts need to be be submitted using a [dwg.] or a [dxf.] or a [pdf.] file format.

3D parts need to be an [.STL] file and that it fits within the area of 150 mm x 150 mm (around 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches) 

If you need to submit more than one file, or if you are experiencing any issues please come visit us at the FabLab during our open hours or send us an email at fablab@uvm.edu