How to Submit ME 001 Tickets

For ME 001 Students: 

Designate one team member to submit parts to the FabLab. 

Once your 2D or 3D designs are completed please send an email to the FabLab using the following protocol on our website: 

File names should follow this format: teamname_partname_rev(insert number here)_qty(insert number here)

If you wish to both 3D print and 2D print please send two individual emails with all 3D printed parts on one email and the 2D parts on another. 

2D parts need to be be submitted using a [dwg.] or a [dxf.] or a [pdf.] file format.

3D parts need to be an [.STL] file and that it fits within the area of 150 mm x 150 mm (around 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches) 

If you need to submit more than one file, or if you are experiencing any issues please come visit us at the FabLab during our open hours or send us an email at 

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